Monday, September 6, 2010


     AT MY AGE, I’M TOLD, IT IS IMPORTANT  FOR MY HEALTH TO KEEP USING MY BRAIN. EVEN THOUGH MY THINKING IS SLOWER, MY MEMORY IS WEAKENING, MY CONCENTRATION IS SHORT AND MY CREATIVITY IS CHALLENGED, I MUST FIND  WAYS TO KEEP MY MIND ACTIVE AND FLEXIBLE SO I’M LEARNING NEW WAYS TO USE A NEW COMPUTER AND I BLOG.  While it is easier to just keep on rehashing the same old thoughts, repeating what I have always heard, and believing what I was told to believe, my inner spirit (not concerned with age) wants to awaken, so I blog.  I have been conditioned to read, pray, learn, and grow so I can preach, teach, counsel, and consult with others more effectively.  Now without a pulpit, lectern or couch, I still have to share something. So I excerse my faith and imagine someone out there is reading this and I blog.  
Using that same imagination, I can fancy myself a writer. A well-known author said, “A writer is distinguished by the fact that he writes.”  So I blog.  Specificallly, I write the blog “Charlie Wonders,” because I am curious. I try putting into words some experiences and things thast intrigue me.  So I blog on.

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