Tuesday, September 21, 2010




We had hardly begun our 58th anniversary/Martha’s birthday trip to New Orleans when we experienced a serendipity in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Spending the night there and well-rested, we found the Jean Lafitte National Park museum and movie documentary that introduced us to the spirit and history of the Acadian people. All we had known of them before this  trip was the Cajun dances and food exhibited each year in San Antonio’s folk life festival and the reading in high school of Evangeline.  Now we discovered a highly spiritual, courageous, adaptive and determined people whose life had never been very comfortable for long.  Yet they were in a few short hours highly inspirational for us.  It left us desiring to learn much more and will someday be worth another trip. Charlie wonders how many more of God’s people could provide such inspiration if he could just get to know them.  All of them I suspect. 

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