Wednesday, September 22, 2010


CHARLIE WONDERS ABOUT HIS PLACE in the world’s turmoil of the last few years. He wonders how it is that we can send several hundred of our most “successful” leaders to Washington where, instead of solving conflicts they choose up sides and fight among themselves. This “American way” guarantees that no creative, collaborative solutions will emerge. On second thought maybe they do just reflect the collective unconscious (mostly negative and sometimes hostile) of the rest of us.
It is probably just as well that I no longer have a lectern from which to try to support peace and love. In today’s hostile climate I could inadvertently become a part of the above divisions instead of encouraging the needed consensus. At my age-affected body/mind/spirit I should probably not even be roaming around on this page without adult supervision. On my better days I am able to take an R&R from the conflict and live in the blessed presence God has provided all of us. All it takes is the awareness of God’s grace. Then I can relax and better discern what I can do to promote togetherness.

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