Wednesday, September 22, 2010


WHEN I ASK WHO AM I NOW? I’m wondering who “I am” really as opposed to who I think I am (ego) and “now” as opposed to who I once was or who I may be in the future. When I work through this little process I find I am in a very delightful, more loving, peaceful place. I experience God in places I never thought to look before. I see interconnectedness instead of separation and division. What a break!
It helps to also ask myself: “What matters to me now that did not matter so much in previous stages of life?” Here the emphasis is on presence as opposed to living in the past or the future. Again there is great relief in being myself in the only time I have or need to have.
Here and now in this quiet, peaceful space I breathe deeply and experience spirit, I imagine God is doing it--again filling me with the life-giving breath
given to every living being. Being aware of this common spiritual bond I am enabled and directed toward a more loving relationship as I connect with others who are being themselves in their present moment. I am more likely to treat them as I would want to be treated. And that, it seems to me is the essence of the Jesus ethic.

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