Monday, September 27, 2010


This morning I postponed my morning coffee long enough to be stimulated by listening to Chopin. The trick for me is to be fully present with the music, especially the time-tested classical kind. Any music that is literal takes me away from the music itself. Questions such as, what is the name of that tune? Or when was it written? Or what does this remind me of? This distracts me from being completely into the music. I can’t become too fascinated with the musician's style, or chord progressions, or how they make the instrument swell or diminish, etc. I say I want to get into the music as totally as I can. Or is it my goal to let the music get into me as deeply as it can. Some music feeds my soul while other music just moves my body. I don’t need to swing and sway, stomp, rock and roll or wave my hands or hips. Since I love almost all music, there will be plenty of opportunities for this action. To be fully open to the music to do its thing within me, everything around me needs to be as quiet as possible, peaceful and serene. The life energy I find within me is far more stimulating than even coffee--at least for today.

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