Friday, September 24, 2010


I am excited about this coming Sunday’s theme, the cosmos. Our pastor has invited us to imagine the ramifications of Colossians where Christ is praised as the supreme power over the cosmos. For the Apostle Paul, Christ is the image of the invisible God and is supreme over all created things. The whole universe has been created through him and for him. All things are held together in him. Through him God chose to reconcile the whole universe to himself.” (Col:1:15-20) Here is where my imagination has to kick in. In the face of the immense universe, Charlie has to start wondering. The whole unfathomable scene is a divine mystery. Only God’s amazing grace through Christ baffles me more. I hear the figures describing the immensity of the cosmos, but it is beyond me (so to speak) and I can’t get my mind around it. One problem I have in imagining the infinite is that I have to acknowledge how tiny I and my world are. From our earthly perspective it is all so confusing. I said I saw the sunset this evening, but, of course, I didn’t because it didn’t. Another challenging imaginary picture coming from the truth that in Christ all things are held together is that all of us as created beings are intimately related to each other. No room here for our traditional us versus them dichotomy. Talk about inclusion!


  1. That verse always takes me back to Chemistry 101 where the prof was explaining it is a mystery the atom holds together - that with opposing forces within, it should blow apart. A student in our class raised his hand, quoted Col. 1:17 - "He is before all things and in Him all things hold together," and said, "Mystery solved." What an incredible moment in my faith journey.

  2. Yes! It is aways exciting to solve a mystery. Especially a divine mystery. Fortunately for me I keep running into new ones. If I have a few more years to live I don't want to know it all and not need to walk by faith the rest of the way.