Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let Me Go, Ego

I get as frustrated as the next guy with the bipartisan quick-sand our country is mired in. It has been called "identity politics" and that is where I begin to see it as a personal problem.  At the ego level (as opposed to my soul level)  I realize I will never be free to be my best self until I can stop siding with--or against--other ego-driven fellow citizens and leaders and getting my self-worth from them.  I am considered by some to be an old man, but I will never get to be a "wise" old man if I depend on defeating the other side to get there. I choose instead to follow the love route rather than the angry, us-versus-them battle ground.  Since God is the "steadfast love" and Jesus provides the "amazing grace" that overcomes the world, I will depend on that approach and trust that I will ultimately let go of my ego since love and ego cannot coexist.  That feels so good and God always wins.

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