Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is it the Second Half of Life or Even Overtime?

When our offspring were were young adults we marveled at their energy, going to school, maintaining a home and most trying to keep up with little children.  Fast Forward 2-3 generations and Martha and I still watch with astonishment at the tremendous energy they have for their demanding careers.  Now to watch them in their game of life, we climb as high in the stands as our bodies let us and watch the game from a relatively safe distance.  (They know where we are and can reach us if they want to.)  It is clearly our second of half of life and they are getting close to that, too.  Maybe for us it is overtime and we feel blessed to watch them play on.  Years ago our teachers used to predict for us that the second half of life would be played by different rules.  The playbook for the first half would be somewhat obsolete.  The old wineskins, as Jesus said, are not sufficient for the new wine. So Martha and I are  learning to live in the now and that is so exciting--like the grace of overtime. I'll drink to that!

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