Friday, April 22, 2011


For fifty years of my adult life I thought I needed more time--more time to get my work done, time with the family, time to exercise, time for home chores, time to study and prepare for whatever was next. Seems like I was always frustrated with the need for more time.  Now that I have more of that kind of time I find I don't need it so much.  That's because I am also down to the essentials of life that do not take clock hours. Instead, loving God and the people in my life, accepting the life I now have only requires gratitude, awareness, and attention.  It does not take more days to know who I am today beyond my surface self--my name, rank and serial number, my biography, my body. This only takes a willingness to look within and acceptance of what I see. I only need to see that it is good to be in this place and realize time as I have known it will soon  be gone.  Eternity is better.  

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