Saturday, April 23, 2011


A week from my 81st birthday I am set free from a lot of unpleasantness by what I call "agreeable aging".  It is a simple concept.  All I have to do is accept what is going on in and around me.  This beats fighting what is real.  There is always plenty in my environment to make me disagreeable. I look to my right shoulder and see a gash that gives me a little pain.  It also limits movements and activities I like to do.  I can choose to be irritated by it and with a little thought make myself miserable.  Or I can remember that in its place only yesterday there was a sore that had not healed for months. I can be grateful for a team of surgeons that removed the carcinoma and zipped me back up.  They also gave me careful instructions for caring for the wound and expectations that within weeks it will heal. Other irritants are not so easily cut out or fixed.  Some are totally out of my control to change or avoid. In most of them however with enough attention I can surrender them  to God and accept what is.  In the prime of my ministry I printed on the bottom of my business stationary the motto "Opening to life." It is still a good mantra for me.

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