Sunday, May 20, 2012


Upon admission to Brooke Army Medical Center last week several admitting personnel commented that I looked too young to be 82.  I assured them I was not lying about my age and offered my I. D. card. Two days later after numerous interviews, tests, and measurements I was discharged believing I was just getting old and wearing out although no one told me that in so many words.  I realized again that neither how people see me nor how medical professionals evaluate me should affect my self image.  I can only know how I am doing by going inside and checking out my life energy, my soul. This spirit/heart check is reliable and trustworthy. When I do this and feel the peace of God, I know all is well.  Eventually, my body condition will not matter. After I take "the last flight out" (My brother-in-law Chuck's expression), I expect to look back on my old form and be glad to leave it behind. For now they tell me I only had a TIA (tiny stroke) and need physical therapy to deal with balance and equilibrium and continue my treatments for back pain management and  ankylosing spondylosis.

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