Tuesday, May 1, 2012


TODAY I TURN 82! Already this week I have received from family and friends many beautiful messages, wishes, thoughts and prayers pointing to a very happy birthday.  These blessings enrich the decision I have already made that today will be happy and beyond happy to a joyful sense of being.
All I need to get this extra gift is a little space of peace and quiet. This helps me to know God at a deeper level of consciousness. Someone recently asked in print, "Name one truth that has helped you throughout your life?"  Easy. "God is love". That goes back almost 80 years ago when my mother taught it to me and showed it to me with her love.  At 82 that truth has become increasingly meaningful and helpful. The outside world makes a lot of noise and dissonance, but inside it is this truth that sets me free and makes me more than happy.

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