Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I don't feel good when I''m just against someone, something that exists or myself. My ego might feel good  feeling superior for a while, but I don't. I know better. The "no" life is no way to live.  Like the two-year-old baby stage, it has a freedom of expression, but lacks creative intelligence. It is rarely productive. It is the opposite of being co-creative with God. It is the opposite of love. It attracts the dark and depressing, reminding me of the early so-called stages of dying and death (denial and anger with only a distant hope of acceptance). It mires a congress of successful people in quick sand. Of course there are times and situations that require my "no" vote, but these must be prayerfully thought out decisions and not my primary or automatic response to life.  When my inner life is locked on negativity, I find myself separated from others, from my better self, and from God and all God provides for me in this world.

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