Sunday, February 26, 2012


When I find myself disillusioned I often notice I was operating under an illusion on the matter in the first place.  One cannot be disillusioned without first being "illusioned".  This kind of disillusionment is a frequent hazard for the reality-challenged, especially for those of us who are incurable optimists.  Our problem begins with believing something is true simply because we want it to be true. We imagine things are better than they are. The problem may be even worse for the pessimists, those who concentrate too much on the negatives. One definition of "worry" is "praying for things we don't want".  I still prefer the optimist mind set, but either way (optimism or  pessimism) is problematic if we bet too much on our guesswork. Better to just pray and wait on the truth to show up.  Don't push the river.  It flows by itself.  

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