Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have been wishing lots of people a "Happy New Year! "   I pray that they will allow God to bless them with well-being, peace and joy.  I really desire that for them and for myself. But Charlie Wonders if there is such a thing as a happy whole year.  After the noise of the fireworks, the dancing, kissing and screaming of New Year's Eve,  then what? Soon the confetti will be swept up and we will all return to the only way we can live--one day at a time, more accurately, one moment at a time.   The only happiness available is that which we experience here and now. The Bible says, "Look! Now is the accepted time." Our challenge is to accept it and live it fully. It also says, "Today is the day of salvation, healing and wholeness." All other time is wishful thinking, illusion. I am happy and at peace now. I cannot be happy and at peace for the next 365 days. I live fully while I can. And it feels good.

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