Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Birth to Death Journey

Last year, as you may have read, Martha and I concentrated on clearing out a lot of the clutter at our house.  We sill have a long way to go. As I get a long way down the journey of life (birth to death) I see that it is high time to apply this endeavor to even greater areas of life.  Perhaps to spirituality, health, knowledge, relationships and who knows what else.  The late Rev. Forrest Church wrote in "Life Lines, Holding On (and  Letting Go): "When cast into the depths, to survive we must first must let go of things that will not save us.  Then we must reach out for things that can."  Later while working with  terminal cancer, he wrote to his congregation this mantra:
     Love what you have.
     Do what you can.
     Be who you are.
People would sometimes say, "Do you really want cancer?"  He would reply, " to selectively eliminate
all pain from our lives may work for a brief a brief time, for a drunkard or drug addict, but be we cannot selectively wish away all that is wrong without including all that is right."  

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