Friday, December 31, 2010



For several weeks now I have been writing, praying, wishing folks a “Happy New Year”. Now I am having second thoughts about that expression. Not that I am taking anything back, but Charlie wonders about the words.  (Martha reminds me that I often get hung up on words). The new year is a reality I don’t quarrel with.  But what does the “happy” mean.  For some it means have a blast, a party.  Even the common New Year’s Day hangover is not a total waste.  It reminds one at the start of the year the pain and discomfort that accompany shortcuts to “happiness.”  Maybe happy means your football team wins (Yeah OU, OSU and Spurs!) Maybe it is a wish for more and tastier food. Or does it refer to the entire coming  year. Some refer to the year 2011 specifically.  But to wish anyone a whole year of happiness? Now we have left reality unless we are wishing they would die and go to heaven. But to live out the coming year in a state of perfect bliss with no episodes of unhhappiness is fantasy. Whatever happens in 2011 will be just that.  Only our reactions to what happens determines our level of happiness. Maybe I could just pray that we all might look at whatever happens through the loving eyes of God and know that then our responses will produce the joy and peace that God desires for us.

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