Monday, December 19, 2011


Advent helped, but now with only one week before the big day I am finally getting the true spirit of Christmas. Somewhere in the middle of our little choir/children's production  it hit.  We sang the anthem, "He is born" and I knew this is what it is all about. In the midst of all the distractions in the streets, we are having Christmas anyway.

That night we were moved more deeply into the Christmas soul mood by the inspiring music of Randy Edwards and his Woodland Baptist Church choir, members of the San Antonio symphony performing the classics of Handel and others.

As the week progresses the celebration of a true Christmas becomes increasingly alive.  So bring on Santa Claus with his bag of toys, fun, family togetherness and temporary highs. His commercialism can't detract from an exciting celebration of the coming of the King.  It is now much more than a great Bethlehem event in history. Santa's bag cannot compare with Jesus' bag of love, joy, peace, light, truth, justice, compassion, forgiveness, healing, wholeness, hospitality, eternal life and, in short, heaven on earth. Have a blessed Christmas and all these gifts that come with it.

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