Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We have just returned from a trip to Tulsa where we witnessed and celebrated the wedding of our granddaughter, Jessica with Brad, a delightful young man.  It was a joyful time that reminded me again of the wonder of love in full bloom in God's world with beautiful people. So Charlie wonders this morning-after why I sometimes allow some of my life experiences to leave me disillusioned. Why do I expect more from our congress, for example, than they can provide? As usual, the answer lies in my ego. I expect more because I think I know more than I do. I think I know how they should work together for the good of our country. When I drop the ego and return to my true self, I can continue the joy of the weekend and live in the pleasant now.

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  1. Thanks, PK, for your encouraging comment. At the thinking level I don't THINK I am asking too much either. But at times I am suspicious of my thinking when my soul is disturbed. Then I go looking beyond my mind into my heart.