Monday, July 18, 2011


It's a bird.  It's a plane. No! It's SUPERHEART.  It heads for Metropolis D. C. gliding over the Mall. Now it does appear to be a bird, a dove. It sails over all the memorials, slowly circling the Washington Monument.  Superheart now picks up speed and with renewed energy dips slightly over the White House then heads for the congressional commotion. Wading into the gangs and with supernatural discernment Superheart separates the wheat from the chaff. Many leaders need only to be separated from each other to break up the mob mentality and so each can use his or her God-given intelligence. Some may need rehab to help with their addictions. Superheart believes all are redeemable and usable and will reward those courageous souls who are already trying to use their intellect and power for the common good. When peace settles over the city people can function effectively and Superheart's work is complete. As the Superheart/dove flies away The only sad feelings are those who wanted to vote for Superheart in the next election.

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