Saturday, March 12, 2011


While reading the morning paper I noticed a familiar disturbance of my body/mind.  It came as energy which I recognized as emanating from my habit of blaming/defending.  It was the recurring theme of I am right and your are wrong.  I realized I was reacting to what other people said was true or false. I forgot that these are only thoughts. So many of the writers seemed to have no respect for opinions other than their own with little or no awareness of their own bias. Perhaps this explains my discomfort. They were mirroring my own tendencies to do the same. My biases were rising up to incriminate me.
After I switched to a more spiritual reading, I realized what I needed was insight not the flurry of thoughts and opinions of human writers. After feeling again the discomfort of struggling against things as they are (and people as they are). I was then ready to see my options: I could fight in my imagination what I didn’t like and make myself miserable or I could just let it all go. Today I chose to let it go and found inner peace, the peace of God. 

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